Delegationsreise zur Air Convention 2019 in Vilnius

Aviation delegation for new customer Avia Solutions Group

On behalf of the Lithuanian company Avia Solutions Group, WORDUP PR – an expert for Aviation Public Relations in Munich – is currently organizing an exclusive trip for entrepreneurs and journalists to the Air Convention in Vilnius in September.

Messe PR Agentur München

Neschen Coating presents new products at Print Expo FESPA

WORDUP PR is an experienced supplier for trade fair Public Relations Munich: On behalf of Neschen Coating GmbH, a medium-sized niche player from Bückeburg (Lower Saxony) with 130 years of company history, WORDUP PR trade fair Public Relations Munich agency accompanies the press relations for the Global Print Expo FESPA in Munich this year.

PR Agency Digitization 5G

WORDUP PR starts 5G consultancy and magazine

As an experienced technology PR agency, WORDUP Public Relations is of course familiar with the 5G topic and implications. The abbreviation 5G refers to the fifth-generation mobile technology. It should come on the market from 2020 on, thanks to technical advancements deliver significantly more performance than its predecessors and so in the long run, make the vision of the digital gigabit society become reality.

Public relations Aerospace Industry Munich

Our client featured in magazine “DER SPIEGEL”

“Trump’s dangerous game” is the title of an article in SPIEGEL from 5 February 2018. Rolf Philipp produces in his company “Aircraft Philipp” for over 15 years “bones for aircraft” build – that’s what the CEO calls the aluminum and titanium parts for the Aerospace industry, which manufactures its enterprise with 250 coworkers in Upper Bavaria and at the second German location Karlsruhe.