Marcus Schreiber and Dr. Sebastian Moritz, TWS Partners AG


9. June 2021

The game theory in FORBES magazine

WORDUP has been advising Munich-based TWS Partners AG – the European market leader in the field of applied game theory – since 2019. Whether prisoner’s dilemma or “chicken game”, TWS Partners makes theoretical, economic considerations manageable and practical and is also able to explain clearly why modern approaches in behavioral economics that have been awarded the Nobel Prize lead to superior results in many cases.

This is what the experts around CEO Marcus Schreiber and board member Dr. Sebastian Moritz doesn’t just have a new column every month in the Handelsblatt. The German-language edition of FORBES magazine, one of the most successful business magazines in the world, recently published a guest article by the experts. The article “The race for global technology leadership from the point of view of game theory” deals with the relationship between the USA, Europe and China – and how one can use skillful game theory moves to gain the best possible negotiating position in the upcoming economic and geopolitical conflicts. Not least Donald Trump and Boris Johnson have shown the world in recent years that with the right strategies, economic negotiations can be changed to your own advantage. Above all, knowing about these mechanisms strengthens negotiators in business and politics around the world in their projects and intentions.

With this consulting mandate, WORDUP combines its proven expertise in the political environment with in-depth knowledge of economic relationships and the corresponding media landscape. Publications among others in Wirtschaftswoche, WELT, F.A.Z. and other leading business publications underline the agency’s high level of advisory expertise on challenging economic policy issues.